What Does a Social Security Benefits Lawyer Do?


Applying for social security disability benefits is not always a piece of cake for everyone. Things can get overwhelming, especially if you have health problems.
This is when you may wish you had someone to help you out with the application process. And this is when you may consider if you should hire a social security benefits lawyer in Burbank.
And the answer is yes because it’s highly beneficial. Besides, they will help make the process so much easier and convenient for you.
They handle these cases every day and know how to deal with the Social Security Administration. They will be able o handle most issues that arise with the application process.
Most importantly, they will be able to communicate on your behalf and provide you with so much relief.
Read on to learn more about what they can do for you.

What a Burbank Social Security Benefits Attorney Will Do for You?

  • Go Through Your Case


Your lawyer will first conduct a complete initial review of your case. They will accordingly chalk out the best approach for you to move forward. Experienced lawyers know how to craft compelling stories revolving around your case and develop a winning strategy for you.

  • Complete Your Application

One of most people’s biggest mistakes while filing for social security benefits is submitting an incomplete application. This often leads to a rejection of the claim in the initial phase itself.
Your attorney will help prevent this by ensuring you have filled out the various columns. They will also ensure you have provided the right and relevant information and documents where necessary.

  • Sort Your Medical Evidence

The success and loss of your social security disability benefits case largely depend on the procurement of your medical evidence. Your lawyer will gather all the relevant medical evidence of your application once you sign a medical records release.
They then go through it to ensure you have all the necessary records and if anything is missing. They will also pick up the essential pages from the many documents in your hands.
And where necessary, they will also work with your healthcare provider to gather their supportive opinion statements and letters.

  • Maintain Communication with the SSA

social security

Don’t think that it’s enough to just file for your social security benefits. There are so many claims that go through the portal on an everyday basis. And there are so many deadlines and formalities to fulfill, which can be difficult for you to do.
This is where your social security benefits lawyer helps.

  • File an Appeal If Necessary

It’s pretty standard for social security benefits claims to get denied. You will have to appeal the decision if your application is one of them. However, there are multiple steps involved and deadlines to be met while filing an appeal.
So it’s better to leave it all to your attorney, who knows the deadlines and steps well.

  • Your Representative


You are offered a hearing in front of an administrative law judge once you appeal. This isn’t easy. Disability hearings are rather stressful, and you need to be well-prepared to attend them.
While you have to speak for yourself, your attorney can represent you at the conference. Your lawyer will also ask your witness and expert witnesses like vocational experts’ relevant questions.

So Do I Need a Social Security Benefits Attorney?

Well, while there is no strict rule saying that you need to hire one. Having one by your side can help make the claims process so much easier. They know the entire process like the back of the hand.
And they will use their expertise to increase the chances of your claim approval. In short, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain with a lawyer by your side.

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