Will Workers’ Compensation Pay for Chiropractors?


Workplace accidents often result in different muscular and spinal injuries. You must immediately consult a physician for treatment and know that a chiropractor can help you recover.

You may ask if workers’ compensation covers chiropractic care because it’s a form of alternative medicine. Thus you worry that the insurance provider may question its necessity as your treatment.

Fortunately, California law allows you to claim injury compensation for chiropractic care. However, you must prove you need this treatment and may require a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to support your case.

Thus, read on to learn how this treatment type affects workers’ comp benefits.

Why Consult a Chiropractor after a Workplace Accident

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Chiropractic is a holistic health care service that revolves around manipulating muscles, bones, joints, and the spine. It addresses particular injuries and associated discomforts and may also correct movement difficulties. A chiropractor will also suggest unique exercise routines and diet plans for better recovery.

For example, a chiropractor will address your spine misalignment by straightening it to the correct position. They may also manipulate particular tissues, bones, and muscles to alleviate back pain and discomfort.

Moreover, they will retrain your body to address movement limitations so that you can sit, stand, and walk straight after the treatment.

Availing Chiropractic Care and Claiming Workers’ Comp

The workers’ comp insurance company may deny your claim if you only undergo chiropractic care for injury treatment. They will prove these services are unnecessary and that you should have maintained a therapy prescribed by a physician.

The thing is that California Labor Code Article 2, Section 4600 clarifies that you may include chiropractic costs in your workers’ comp claim. However, the benefits could only cover up to 24 visits to the chiropractor.

Moreover, you must remember these points to support your case:

1. Consult a Physician Immediately after the Accident

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As a rule of thumb, immediately seek medical evaluation within 48 hours after the accident, and don’t directly visit a chiropractor.

It lets you get the correct diagnosis and treatment right away. Moreover, it helps you avoid delays that the insurance provider may use to damage your claim.

On a side note, the physician should be the one who will refer you to a chiropractor. The doctor may suggest you undergo chiropractic treatment, or you may ask your physician about it.

This step makes chiropractic care a necessary treatment for your injury because you have your physician’s approval.

2. Always Choose a Licensed Chiropractor

Only a licensed chiropractor can provide chiropractic treatment to patients. Also, the court will require a licensed specialist when they ask for expert witness statements, which is likely when claiming workers’ comp.

Moreover, a licensed chiropractic specialist ensures you get the proper treatment for your injuries for optimal recovery.

Ask your physician for a referral if they know a licensed chiropractor. Some physicians may have chiropractic care licenses too.

3. Hire a Reliable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


The insurance provider may try different tactics to damage your claim, like questioning your chiropractic treatment.

Hiring a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney protects your claim against those tactics.

They will prove that all treatments you undergo are necessary, and the insurance carrier should pay you. They will also collect evidence like your medical reports and represent your claim to get the compensation you deserve.

Call a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Burbank to Defend Your Claim

A chiropractor helps you fully recover after a workplace accident. However, remember the above tips to protect your claim if you require this treatment for your injury.

Hiring a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to prove that the benefits should cover your chiropractic treatment costs.

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