Will Workers’ Compensation Pay for Permanent Scars?

permanent scars

Accidents can happen anywhere, including the workplace.

And there are so many possible workplace injuries.

The most common of the lot are sprains and fractures due to falls and slips. There is also the risk of injuries like a slipped disc and carpal tunnel syndrome occurring with repetitive movements at work.

These injuries are no doubt painful.

However, they don’t leave you with a visible scar.

Minor injuries leave you with some discomfort in movement, while significant accidents may render you paralyzed. And the good news is that workers’ compensation does pay for your continued treatment if you have paralysis.

It’s because paralysis affects your everyday life and movements, and you deserve compensation. As long as your Burbank workers’ compensation attorney can prove that the accident caused the problem, you will receive continual compensation.

Burns- Another Common Workplace Injury

permanent scars

However, there is another additional common injury that can occur at the workplace, which is burns. It can be any form of burn due to chemicals or fire. The problem is that these injuries will soon heal, and you can continue working as before.

The problem is that the burns leave you more with permanent scars than pain. And there is a high chance that these burns are disfiguring, especially if it’s in your face and visible body parts like arms.

It can be embarrassing to the employee, who has to make adjustments to cover the scars. They can’t dress as usual, like wearing t-shirts or short-sleeved shirts, because they worry that the scars will be visible. This can trigger psychological problems.

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay for Permanent Scars?

medical bills

It, in turn, makes you wonder if workers comp pays compensation for permanent scars.

The good news is that most states provide workers compensation benefits for permanent scars and disfigurement because of workplace injury. You may also receive compensation for permanent scarring from any injury treatment like surgery.

The problem, however, is that different states have different eligibility criteria for receiving these benefits and the compensation amount.

Most states include permanent scars in the employee’s permanent disability rating. In California, doctors who assign employees with a permanent disability rating from 0 to 100% take any scarring and disfigurement into account.

However, other states grant workers a one-time payment for scars and disfigurement where the law decides on the maximum amount.

The Scar Location Is Also Important

The scar location is also another point considered to assess if you are entitled to compensation. For example, most states pay compensation for scars on the face, head, or neck. You may not even have to prove a loss of body function to recover from these disfiguring scars.

Other states compensate employees with scars or disfigurement on any body part exposed while wearing a swimsuit or at work.

A few states also provide workers’ compensation benefits for scars only if the employee cannot work as usual because of the scar. They also provide compensation if the impairment restricts the employee’s ability to find employment.

Your Burbank Personal Injury Attorney Will Know What to Do

workers compensation attorney

So while yes, workers’ compensation does cover scarring, it depends on the state and the case. The most common dispute is if the employee recovers a percentage in disability based on the scar location, like on the hand.
Another dispute is if the compensation should be for the entire body if the employee faces psychological problems due to the scarring.
That’s why it’s better to have an experienced personal injury attorney in Burbank by your side. They will be able to assist you in your claim process.
They can ascertain if you will receive compensation or not and represent you at court while you focus on other things.

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