Workplace Accidents that Can Lead to Traumatic Brain Injuries

workplace accidents

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most debilitating outcomes of workplace accidents. It may result in poor memory retention, reduced concentration, movement difficulties, vision, and other physical and psychological problems. This could prevent you from returning to work and lead to loss of pay and significant treatment expenses.

Thus, knowing the workplace accidents that could cause TBI can help you avoid them in the first place. While a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney can help claim injuries, it is still better to prevent them.

Common Work-Related Accidents that Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

workplace accidents

1. Slip and Fall

While it appears to be a simple accident, slips and falls can cause debilitating spine damage and brain injuries. An example is when a worker forcefully hits his head on a hard object after slipping down.

The best way to avoid slip and fall accidents is to be careful around::

  • Wet and slippery floor
  • Uneven flooring
  • Obstacles on the floor
  • Dim lighting

2. Struck By Falling Objects

This accident usually occurs in hazardous workplaces like construction sites where heavy or hard objects may fall, hit a worker’s head, and cause TBI.

Thus, always be careful when working in areas where falling objects could hit you. Wear protective headgear if possible, like a helmet.

3. Car Accidentsauto accident

Many employees like truckers and delivery staff need to drive during work time. Thus, it is common for workers to encounter car crashes and sustain brain injuries.

Driving safely is the best step to preventing road accidents that could cause debilitating injuries or even death. Drivers should follow road regulations and never drive when sleepy or drunk.

4. Falling from Elevated Areas

Another common cause of traumatic brain injuries is falling from significant heights. This accident is common with employees working at a higher elevation, like construction workers, roofers, and window cleaners.

Using proper safety gear and equipment like gondolas and harnesses helps avoid this accident. Also, be careful when working on a higher point, and don’t do anything when sleepy.

5. Faulty Machines

workplace accidents

Faulty machinery could also injure a worker and cause TBI. An example is when a defective crane’s hook hits an employee nearby and causes head trauma.

Thus, always be careful when walking or working near heavy equipment and wear proper protective gear. Moreover, adequate machine maintenance helps avoid technical errors that could cause accidents.

6. Explosion

A powerful explosive blast could also cause severe brain trauma by forcefully pushing a worker to a hard surface. It happens in workplaces with mishandled combustible substances like gas leaks igniting because of a spark.

Thus, properly seal explosive and flammable substances in the workplace. And keep heat sources away if you suspect there is a leak.

7. Physical Violence


Workers sometimes engage in physical altercations against each other, resulting in severe injuries like TBI. Remember that a hard strike on the head could cause brain damage and other debilitating conditions.

So, avoid physical fights with co-workers to prevent injuries and immediately report workplace conflicts to your boss.

Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Burbank for Traumatic Brain Injury

Whatever its cause, traumatic brain injury is a debilitating condition that could significantly reduce your life quality. It could make routine body functions like speaking and moving complex and reduce your memory performance. You thus need to receive the rightful compensation from your employer if you sustain TBI from a workplace accident.

So, call a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to claim the benefits you deserve after sustaining a traumatic brain injury.

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