How Should You Choose An SSD Attorney?


Applying for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is significantly challenging with too many requirements. That’s why the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies around 60% of all application claims.

However, that should not stop you from claiming the disability benefits you deserve.

Thus, you should know how to hire a reliable legal representative to optimize your application and avoid claim denial. A Burbank Socials Security benefits attorney will prepare your application and guide you through every step.

7 Tips You Must Remember When Hiring an SSD Lawyer

1. Understand the Payment Process


You may worry about significant expenses when hiring a legal expert for your SSD application. However, you should know that most legal representatives operate on a contingency fee basis, where you pay them only if you get the SSA approval.

The SSA will give a portion of the amount you will receive to your legal representative. In general, that is $6,000 or 25% of your payback amount, whichever is lesser.

2. Hire Legal Counsel Early on Your Application

Many people only hire legal counsel for appealing an application denial.

However, it’s best to hire a legal representative as soon as possible or even before filing your SSD application. It lets you have an expert who will help prepare your application and support your claim to get the SSA approval.

It means you may avoid application denial and the need to file an appeal.

3. Find a Lawyer in Your Local Place


Hiring a legal expert near you lets you work with them conveniently. For example, they don’t need to travel long distances to meet you or attend hearings.

Moreover, a local legal representative may have helpful connections in your area. For instance, they can connect you to a reliable physician to get a medical report.

4. Hire a Legitimate Attorney

The law allows people to represent themselves in legal proceedings, and they may also hire a representative who is not a lawyer.

However, it’s always best to hire a legitimate legal expert to represent your SSD application. They can describe your claim with professional skills, knowledge, and experience to get the best outcomes.

5. Consider Feedbacks and Reviews

You should hire a legal expert who many people trust in producing outstanding results.

So, ask your friends and acquaintances about legal representatives they may have hired for their SSD application. You may also check law office websites for client reviews.

6. Check Credentials and Records


Thoroughly check the background of an attorney before hiring them and look for information like:

  • Years of service
  • Service specialization
  • Number of relevant cases handled
  • Win rates

These details will prove the skills of a legal expert to handle your SSD application.

For example, think twice about hiring a lawyer who doesn’t specialize in Social Security benefits. Remember that the SSA has a significantly large set of unique laws. And your attorney must have enough knowledge in that field to get fruitful outcomes for your application.

7. Efficient Communication

Lastly, hire a legal representative who can efficiently communicate with you. It means an expert who can smoothly deliver any information about your case while considering your points along the way.

So, be sure to observe how a lawyer communicates with you during your initial consultation. You should feel comfortable with them, and they should be able to explain points to get an SSA approval.

Hire the Best Social Security Benefits Lawyer in Burbank for Your SSD Application

It’s hard to apply for disability benefits. However, a reliable legal representative will help you get your deserved benefits.

So, remember the tips above and hire the best Burbank Social Security benefits attorney to support your SSD application.

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