Why You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault

car accident

Calling a Burbank auto accident lawyer is vital for any car crash accident in California. It is even a more critical step to do when you’re not at fault in an accident.

That is because a reputable attorney brings you these valuable advantages when facing a road accident case.

Help You Navigate Complex Legalities

The right legal representative can guide you through the necessary procedures when making claims or pursuing lawsuits.

That’s vital for an auto accident case because California has a set of complex rules regarding road accidents. A legal expert can help prepare requirements such as evidence, police reports, and medical reports. Then they can move to get the best compensation you deserve.

Help You Get the Right Compensation


A seasoned auto accident attorney helps you avoid settling for less when making compensation claims.

That’s crucial because the other party may offer you an amount and sway you not to pursue a lawsuit. However, such an amount is often significantly lower than the compensation you deserve.

Moreover, the right legal expert can argue your claim in court and get the best possible amount you deserve. That includes economic compensation for medical expenses, physical therapy costs, and reduced quality of life. It also covers non-economic compensations, such as psychological discomfort, pain, and loss of income.

Furthermore, they can also secure compensation for additional damages where applicable like::

Special Damages

This includes compensation for damages leading to unique consequences.

For example, the accident renders you permanently unable to return to work. Then you should receive compensation for your loss of income, house rent, relocation, and car bills, among other costs.

Punitive Damages

car accident

Punitive damages are the compensation you deserve when the other party has intentionally caused the mishap to harm you.

Your lawyer should prove in court that the other party is at fault and that the accident was intentional. The judge will then penalize the one at fault and award you the damages.

Wrongful Death

You ought to receive wrongful death compensation when the accident has claimed the life of your family member. Your legal representative would bring such a claim in court. The judge will then award you the best compensation amount.

Prove You’re Not at Fault

It is also essential to prove in court that you’re not at fault with the accident. That is to avoid or minimize the compensation that the other party can ask from you. It helps maximize the compensation you get as well.

Remember that California is a state that follows Comparative Fault in regards to car accidents. Meaning you should pay a part of the compensation when the court finds you’re partially at fault.

Suppose the court considers you are 15% responsible for a car crash event. In this case, if the compensation is $100,000, then you should pay $15,000.

That’s why the best car accident lawyer wants to prove that you’re not at fault for the accident. They want to keep you away from such financial obligations.

Help You Get the Right Insurance Claim

Insurance companies have a nasty habit of awarding the lowest insurance claim to their injured clients. They tend to ignore the vital factors that can increase your compensation claim.

However, the best car accident attorney knows how to make these companies give you the compensation amount you deserve. That’s why it’s better to have a legal representative while talking with your insurance provider.

Get the Best Auto Accident Attorney in Burbank When You’re Not at Fault

Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you in significant ways, especially when you’re not at fault. However, be sure to hire the best and most reliable expert for your legal advantage.

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