What to Do If You Suffer from a Workplace Crush Injury?

workplace crush injury

Did you crush your finger while working on workplace machinery?
Do you find it difficult to discharge your work duties and perform everyday tasks at home?
If yes, the next step you need to take is to make a workplace crush injury claim. You can claim if your employer fails in discharging their responsibility of ensuring a healthy and safe workplace.

What Are the Common Crush Injuries at Work?

Some of the most common crush work injuries are:

  • Getting hit and injured by any falling item
  • Crushed finger(s) while working on a machinery
  • Injuries caused due to the impact with a moving vehicle such as forklift trucks or machinery

These crush injuries do not just hamper your work abilities but are also extremely painful. Besides, crush injuries often lead to permanent disabilities and not only temporary disabilities.
You will even find it difficult to perform your day-to-day tasks. And your financial burden grows because you have to take time off from work due to your temporary disability.

How to Claim for My Workplace Crush Injury?

workplace crush injury

You can claim for your workplace injury. However, you have to prove that your injury resulted from your employer’s failure to provide a safe work environment.
It doesn’t matter if you are seeking compensation at this point or not. You should gather enough evidence and information to prove that the employer was responsible for your workplace crush injury.
Never know.
You may change your mind later if the injury leads to permanent disability or hefty treatment charges.

What Procedure Should I Follow After a Workplace Crush Injury?

Seeking medical attention is the first step to take if you suffer from a workplace crush injury.
Here is the detailed step-to-step procedure to adhere to in such cases:

  • Report to your supervisor or immediate offer in-charge immediately
  • Many organizations maintain an accident book to record such accidents, including the injury conditions and extent. Record the incident in the accident book and ensure that the accident has been recorded correctly before signing.
  • Send a personal email or a registered letter to your employer if there is no accident book. It provides official documentation of the occurred accident.
  • Analyze to find out if the accident is reportable to RIDDOR.
  • Collect contact details of witnesses or the people who were present during the accident as witnesses.
  • If possible, click photos of the accidental injuries to use them later as substantial proof.
  • Try to promptly obtain the accident’s CCTV footage recording so that no one can tamper with it later on.
  • Seek the help of a Burbank workers’ compensation attorney to claim your workplace crush injury.

Can a Temporary Worker Claim Workplace Crush Injury?

workers compensation

Yes, both temporary and permanent employees can claim workplace crush injury if the employer fails to provide a safe work environment. So you are entitled to claim if you suffer from a workplace crush injury and are not at fault.

How Much Compensation Can an Employee Expect from Crush Injury?

Depending on the level of the crush injury, the compensation may vary. Here are some of the factors which are considered while assessing the compensation:

  • The severity of the crush injury
  • Current and future loss of wages due to the injury
  • Treatment, long term therapy, and rehabilitation required for the injuries

While general damages include the above factors, special damages are attributed to all the out-of-pocket expenses required to sustain crush injuries.
Consulting a workers’ compensation attorney in Burbank helps ensure you file a lawsuit in time, and appropriately.

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