Can Zoom Zombies Cause Car Accidents?

Zoom Zombies
You probably think of driving while texting or calling when you hear about distracted driving.

However, did you know that a new primary cause of distracted driving accidents emerged amid the COVID-19 pandemic? It’s driving while Zooming, causing drivers to lose focus during or after video chatting, becoming “Zoom zombies.” And these Zoom zombies have been causing a significant number of road accidents since 2020.

You wouldn’t want these negligent drivers to hit you. So, know more about Zoom zombies to avoid them on the road and learn how to prevent becoming a distracted driver yourself.

How Zoom Zombies Cause Auto Accidents

Zoom Zombies

Distracted Driving is a common cause of car accidents as it involves drivers taking their attention off the road. In 2019 alone, distracted driving caused about 424,000 injuries and 3,100 deaths in the USA.

The COVID-19 pandemic then came, and most people experienced the lockdown situation. It attracted people to spend more time online and on video chatting applications, causing a new kind of driving distraction.

A national consumer survey involving 1,819 participants reports that 54% of American drivers experienced focus difficulties after video chatting. Unfortunately, 64% of them confirm they use cell phones while driving, and 30% believe they can safely drive while using the device.

As a result, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that distracted driving caused 3,142 deaths and 324,652 injuries in 2020.

Safety Tips When Dealing with Zoom Zombie

As you can see above, Zoom zombies pose critical road hazards to other motorists. So, remember a few points to keep yourself safe when dealing with these negligent drivers:

1. Pay Attention to Other Motorists

self-driving vehicle accident

You may notice some signs of negligent driving, as distractions can affect a motorist’s behaviors.

For example, a car with a distracted driver may move erratically, like going out of their lane or frequently slowing down. In these cases, stay away from the suspicious motorist to avoid a car crash.

Also, avoid motorists who are engaging with some clear distractions. An example is when you notice them holding a cell phone while driving.

2. Drive Attentively

As mentioned above, many drivers believe they can drive safely while using their phones. Chances are, you could be one of them as you may think it’s harmless to check your phone for a moment.

However, even quick distractions could lead to devastating results as accidents may happen suddenly.

It’s thus vital to drive responsibly and keep your focus on the road to avoid becoming a distracted driver yourself.

3. Know Your Legal Options

car accident

You may still encounter a car crash caused by a Zoom zombie, even if you are paying attention on the road. You should thus know your legal options for filing an auto accident lawsuit and claiming compensation after the car crash.

Consulting a Burbank auto accident attorney helps you understand the best options and create a plan to win your deserved benefits.

Remember that distracted driving is challenging to prove, as you need sufficient evidence to support your case. A professional car accident lawyer will help investigate your case and prove your claim in the settlement or trial procedures.

Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Burbank to File a Case Against a Distracted Driver


Be careful with Zoom zombies and other distracted drivers, as they may inflict devastating injuries and damage to you in a car crash. So, keep your focus on the road to immediately notice an incoming distracted motorist and prevent an accident.

Remember to protect your right by filing a compensation claim if a negligent driver hits your vehicle. A professional Burbank auto accident attorney will guide you through the legal procedures.

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