Personal Injury Lawyer in Burbank

Personal Injury Lawyer in Burbank

Personal Injury Law

Were you or your loved one involved in an accident due to another person’s negligence? If yes, you may need the assistance of the best personal injury lawyer like My Lawyer Burbank.

Your attorney will help recover your rightful financial compensation. The compensation helps pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Call us today at (818) 574-4442, or fill the form below. You will find out how the best personal injury attorney in Burbank can help you.

What is considered a personal injury?

According to California law, a personal injury is any form of physical or economic harm caused by another person’s negligence. The injury may be a consequence of a car accident or an accident in dangerous surroundings like a slip-and-fall.

A physical injury doesn’t only mean you’re physically hurt. But it does apply to any physical, emotional, or economic suffering inflicted by someone else’s negligence.

So even victims of libel or slander suffer from personal injury for the emotional trauma-induced.

Common personal injury claims

Personal Injury Slip and Fall Anccident Law

My Lawyer Burbank specializes in representing cases in areas like:

  • Automotive Accidents
  • General Negligence
  • Toxic Substances
  • Unsafe Premises.

How much compensatory damages can you receive in Burbank, California?

Compensatory damages are the amount of money you can receive through your claim. There are two types of possible damages-economic and non-economic.

Economic damages include medical costs, property loss, and income loss. However, non-economic injuries include pain, suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium and enjoyment of life.

Here’s a breakdown of the personal injury compensation you stand to receive

Personal Injury Meidcal Benefits

1. Medical treatment

Your Burbank personal injury lawyer will work with a team of doctors, accountants, and actuaries. It helps them determine your entire present and future medical costs incurred because of the injury.

2. Income

You will not be able to work for some time after your accident. Your personal injury attorney in Burbank will claim compensation for the salary lost because of the accident and any loss of earning capacity.

3. Property loss

You can also claim the cost of repairing or replacing your car involved in the car accident. Your personal injury lawyer will also try to claim for any property or belongings lost or damaged through the injury.

4. Emotional distress

You can claim compensation for any non-physical emotional suffering through the injury. It includes post-traumatic psychological conditions like fear, improper sleep, and anxiety.

5. Loss of enjoyment

You have the right to claim compensation for loss of enjoyment. This means you can make claims if you cannot sleep, eat, or do anything you previously enjoyed.

6. Loss of consortium

personal injury Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium doesn’t apply to just sex. In other words, you can claim if your injured loved one cannot provide love or companionship. Or even if they do not participate in household and child responsibilities.

Most noteworthy, California law doesn’t have any cap on compensatory damages in personal injury lawsuits. In other words, there is no maximum amount limit.

It’s the judge and jury who determine a reasonable award of damages. There, however, is a $250,000 cap for California medical malpractice cases.

Why you should hire My Lawyer Burbank


  • Our experienced personal injury lawyers aim to help you claim your rightful compensation. We do it based on the personal injury law in Burbank, California.
  • Our initial consultation is free. It is to allow us to understand your case, and you to get to know us.
  • My Lawyer Burbank accepts payment only if you receive your compensation. In other words, you don’t have to pay us if we don’t win the case.
  • My Lawyer Burbank works hard at getting you maximum benefits. We think that you should not suffer economically, mentally, or physically because of an injury inflicted by someone else’s negligence.
  • Our lawyers are ready to accept any denied cases. We want to show you that there is hope, even with the rejection of your initial claim.

Life is chaotic now, but not taking quick action only makes things worse

Perwsonal Injury Lawyer

While medical attention needs a top priority, don’t waste time in making a claim. A statute of limitations binds personal injury claims. In other words, there is a timeframe for filing lawsuits.

This timeframe is, however, not fixed. It depends on the state and the claim you are making.

Besides, it’s only after you file your lawsuit that the clock stops ticking.

So act quickly now.

Consult the best personal injury lawyer in Burbank to settle your claim as quickly as possible.

We at My Lawyer Burbank will help you through the claim process. Besides, we ensure you make your claim on time and based on the personal injury law of Burbank, CA.

Call (818) 574-4442 or fill the form below for a free initial consultation today.

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