Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Lawyer Burbank

Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Are you 18 or older, disabled because of a determined physical or mental condition? Do you have an emotional or learning problem? Do these conditions make it difficult for you to perform any much gainful work?
If you’ve answered yes, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.
Unfortunately, the claim is a multi-step process. There are so many points to consider to avoid the rejection of your initial request. You must be sure about where you stand before, during, and after applying. The top Social Security Disability Insurance benefits attorney in Burbank can help you here.
Like any claim, you must act quickly.
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What is Social Security Insurance Disability?What is Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

Social Security Insurance Disability benefit is a federal program from the Social Security Administration. It’s available to individuals who can’t work because of a mental or physical condition. The benefits received will be in cash or medical coverage. The amount depends on how much you had worked and earned in the past.

Apply for SSID Benefits in Burbank, CA

The Social Security Insurance Disability benefits claim process can get somewhat confusing. It also takes a lot of time. We at My Lawyer Burbank are experienced and knowledgeable about SSDI benefits claims.
We offer a free initial consultation to discuss the claim application and requirements. It is quicker and less confusing than you trying to understand the system on your own.

Qualification requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits:

qualifications for Social Security Disability Insurance BenefitsWe at My Lawyer Burbank will explain the requirements for filing for SSDI benefits. We also submit your disability claim to the Social Security Administration on time.
The requirements are:

  • Must have paid in Social Security through payroll taxes
  • Must meet the Social Security Disability standards
  • Suffering a condition that may result in death
  • The condition has lasted or may last for at least 12 months.
  • Unable to do any much gainful activity
  • Should have worked in Social Security covered jobs
  • Should have a Social Security verified disability or medical condition

Do you help with denied disability claims?

Yes, we can help you appeal. Most denied SSDI claims are because of one or two small mistakes in the application.
But you must act quickly to appeal.

Why you should hire My Lawyer Burbank

 Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits application process

  • We can help you get your SSDI benefits for your long-term disability or ailment.
  • We help those denied benefits by requesting a reconsideration.
  • We will represent you at all levels of the appeals process.
  • Our expertise increases your chances of a successful appeal.
  • We will fight for your best interests through every step.
  • We ensure you feel comfortable with our services rendered.
  • We are confident you will be happy with our work and efforts.
  • You have no risk because we handle all cases on a contingency basis. So you don’t have to pay if we don’t recover your compensation.
  • All it takes is one call to our firm.
  • We have a free initial consultation to understand your case and to get to know you.
  • We consult the relevant medical or vocational experts on your behalf.
  • We can make arrangements for witnesses. They will attend your administrative hearing and testify about your symptoms and limitations if needed.

One call is all it takes

We need one phone call from you to arrange for our free initial consultation. Contact us once your doctors believe your disability will last a year or longer.
My Lawyer Burbank will then help you through all your Social Security Insurance Disability claims cases. Right from the initial application to the appeal if necessary.
So act quickly now.
Consult the best Social Security Insurance Disability benefits lawyer in Burbank. We at My Lawyer Burbank will ensure you receive your benefits at the earliest.
Call (818) 574-4442 or fill the form below for a free initial consultation today.

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