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Unsafe Premises personal injury lawyer in Burbank

Top Unsafe Premises personal injury lawyer in Burbank

Did you or your loved one step into, and slip and fall in a shop, restaurant, or any other public property in Burbank? If yes, it can lead to broken bones, concussions, back, head and neck injuries. While some injuries are minor, some may be disabling, requiring expensive medical care.

The accident is not your fault. It is because of the establishment’s unsafe floor conditions. You have the right to make a claim for an injury sustained because of their fault.
Consult your Burbank unsafe premises personal injury lawyer about receiving compensation for the injuries.
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What are the unsafe premises?

What are the unsafe premises?

All landlords and property owners must keep their premises safe. They have to at least warn the public about any potential dangers or hazards on their property.
Unfortunately, not all owners maintain their property well.
Nor do they inform the public about any possible risks. These are unsafe premises. It’s the owner’s responsibility if any injury occurs because of their unsafe premises.

Common unsafe premises claims

My Lawyer Burbank will help get the most compensation under California Premises liability law. Possible reasons for claims for accidents at unsafe premises include:

  • Slip and fall accidents due to wet floors
  • Injuries due to broken, uneven or cracked sidewalks or floors
  • Injuries due to torn carpets and poor lighting conditions
  • Owners not correcting or warning about a dangerous condition
  • Assault injuries on a property with negligent security
  • Injuries due to falling trees and structural collapse
  • Swimming pool and amusement park injuries because of poor maintenance

How much compensatory damage can you receive in Burbank, CA?

 unsafe premises damaged arm

My Lawyer Burbank advises not to accept any compensation from the insurance companies.
Why? Because your lawyer can help you receive much more. The payment you stand to receive includes compensation for:

  • All present and future injury-related medical expenses
  • Salary lost because of the accident
  • Any emotional distress because of the injury like anxiety and improper sleep
  • Not being able to perform your everyday household and childcare responsibilities

Factors like ownership, possession, and control of premises determine their actions’ liabilities. Besides,
California law says property owners have to keep their premises safe. But, they don’t owe the same duty to everyone.
California Civil Code says property owners needn’t keep their properties safe for recreation. They don’t even have to give warnings about unsafe conditions.
It is best if a Burbank lawyer who specializes in unsafe premises personal injury cases can explore your legal options. They can help you if you were injured on dangerous property or conditions.

Why you should hire My Lawyer Burbank?

 unsafe premises slip and fall

  • We will help prove the premises’ dangerous conditions were the cause of your injury
  • We offer a free initial consultation. It’s to understand your case and to know us better.
  • Our experienced Burbank attorneys will help you claim your rightful compensation.
  • We work on a contingency payment. You don’t have to pay us anything if we don’t win you your compensation.
  • We accept denied cases. We show that there’s still hope, even after the rejection of an initial claim.

Quick action is our top priority!

You need first to get medical attention for your injuries. But, don’t waste time in claiming.
All lawsuits have a timeframe, but it’s not fixed. It varies between states and the reason, so there’s still hope.
Consult the best unsafe premises personal injury lawyer in Burbank. To help you settle your claim at the earliest.
We at My Lawyer Burbank will help you through the claim process. We ensure you make your claim on time and based on the personal injury law of Burbank, CA.
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