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What is the Workers’ Compensation Law in Burbank, CA?

Workers Compensation LawyersWere you injured at work perhaps by negligence or an accident and want to make a claim? If yes, you have come to the right place. 

According to worker compensation law in Burbank, CA, anyone injured on the job can claim workers’ compensation benefits. It includes compensation for your injury-related treatment and for the time spent away from work. 

Unfortunately, the claim process isn’t as straightforward as it should be. 

A lot of claims end up denied. You will need the assistance of a skilled Burbank workers’ compensation lawyer to help you through the work comp claim process. 

If you or your loved one has been injured, call (818) 574-4442 or fill out the form below for a free consultation with the attorney.

My Lawyer Burbank handles all types of workers comp claims

We at My Lawyer Burbank can help you with all kinds of workplace injury claims like:

1. Industry-specific claims

We know that workplace injuries can occur at any job. It can happen at construction sites, offices, restaurants and even in movie sets. 

Sometimes it’s not a single accident injury that requires workplace compensation.

2. Non- accident claims

Workers Compensation Lawyers

Some injuries like neck and spinal pain or carpal tunnel syndrome arise because of repetitive motion. The symptoms are usually visible after a few months or years. 

As long as it’s possible to prove that your injury is work-related, we at My Lawyer Burbank can help you recover your rightful workplace injury compensation. 

3. Worker compensation appeals

Don’t lose hope if your initial worker’s compensation claim in Burbank was rejected. You can try again, and we at My Lawyer Burbank will help by collecting relevant information and paperwork to help build a stronger case for an appeal.  

4. Permanent disability claims

 Some workplace injuries may have a profound effect on you. 

For example, you may not recover much despite your medical treatment, and you might end up with a permanent disability because of the job-related injury. 

If you are eligible for permanent disability benefits, we at My Lawyer Burbank will let you know how much you can claim, and help you file a claim. 

Reasons to hire My Lawyer Burbank

Ani Ghazaryan - Attorney

  • We at My Lawyer Burbank can help you claim the compensation you rightfully deserve according to workers’ compensation law in California.
  • We offer a free initial consultation to get to know your case better and to clear all your doubts about workers’ compensation law in Burbank.
  • We accept your payment only if we win your case, and you receive your compensation. In other words, you do not have to pay us if you don’t win your case.
  • We handle denied cases, thus giving you hope even after the rejection of your initial claim.
  • We take personal injury cases induced by workplace psychological stress.
  • We do everything possible to get a maximum settlement for your case. Meanwhile, we believe that you shouldn’t neglect workplace injuries.  Above all, we think that any employee injured because of work should be rightfully compensated for the inconvenience induced. 
  • We handle personal injury cases as a result of automotive accidents, toxic substances, unsafe workplaces, and general negligence.
  • We can help you receive your social security disability benefits if you are disabled because of the injury and cannot work.  

What to do after a work injury in Burbank?

If you or your loved one has suffered from a workplace injury in Burbank, you must file a claim as quickly as possible. Because each state has its filing deadline where you need to file a claim within the timeframe.  

We at My Lawyer Burbank will help you through the filing process. We will make sure you make your claim on time, and according to the worker’s compensation law of Burbank, CA.   

Call (818) 574-4442 or fill out the form for a free consultation with the best workers compensation lawyer in Burbank.



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